Read to Your Children

7 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Children

Reading is an essential life skill. Of course, children can learn to read at school, but why do I consider shared reading at home so important? The following...

How to Build a Better Bedtime Routine for Your Baby?

Sleep is just as important for babies as nutrition and activity are. Your baby needs adequate rest to be healthy and happy. Mood, weight,...
Choose a Name for Your Baby

How Should You Choose a Name for Your Baby?

After news of pregnancy has spread, family, friends, and colleagues often ask what the name of the child will be. Even when the gender...
Irish Boy Names

100+ Irish Boy Names and Their Meanings

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Muslim Boy Names

200+ Muslim Boy Names and Their Meanings

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Hawaiian Girl Names

100 Hawaiian Girl Names You Should Consider

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Muslim Girl Names

200+ Muslim Girl Names and Their Meaning

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Old English Names for Boys and Girls

Old English Names for Boys and Girls

A name is not just a label, tag, or a cute pseudonym for a baby. A name goes on a lifetime to shape a...
hilary duff

Hilary Duff Shares a Breastfeeding Selfie On Baby Mae’s First Easter

Easter was this past Sunday, and for many families that meant egg hunts, cooking dinner, and prepping baskets. For Hilary Duff, it meant spending loads of...

Mother From UK Gives Birth to ‘Super Twins’ After Getting Pregnant Twice

"I thought something awful had happened," Rebecca Roberts said, upon being told that she was pregnant again 12 weeks into her first pregnancy.Rebecca Roberts...