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11 Pregnancy Must-have Items

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Pregnancy is a long tough journey of becoming a mother. There things and procedures to consider during pregnancy.

Aside from drinking lots of water, getting a lot of sleep and, or finding a good midwife or doctor, there are products, and accessories a pregnant must haves. These may help them be more comfortable and may ease the impact of stress while conceiving a baby.

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Here are the list of pregnancy essentials and must need things that may help you and your baby throughout the pregnancy. These might be the things pregnant women commonly hear about and are easy to be purchased, but can the best thing to do while pregnant.

Using pregnancy pillow

As your pregnancy continues, you will notice that your belly will continue to expand and stretch. It will be difficult for to you sleep comfortably or can’t sleep at all. So, one of the best pregnancy necessities is buying a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy pillow gives you a comfortable and relaxing sleep while you are pregnant. But before embarking on the purchase, try to find out what product is best suitable for your situation.

Prenatal supplements and vitamins

Ensuring your baby’s health is the top priority of a mother. By taking prenatal supplements and vitamins, aside from eating healthy and nutritious food, it ensures that your baby is getting enough vital nutrients that are needed throughout the pregnancy.

It is up to you and to your doctor whether which one is safe and suitable for you and your baby.

Comfortable maternity clothes; underwear, sleepwear and pants


During transformative stages of pregnancy, your body also changes. Perhaps, your regular clothes or pants before might get tight and not comfortable to use, at a later stage of pregnancy.

So every pregnant woman should wear a comfy, stretchable yet stylish clothes. The same case as your underwear, you’ll to need a good underwear which is suitable for delicate and sensitive areas.

And these can be worn under your tummy throughout the pregnancy. Bras, on the other hand, must also be taken into consideration.

Because of growing breast, it is advisable to wear a supportive bra. It is very important to support your breasts through this stage to prevent it from sagging and from pain or sore, later after the pregnancy.

There are bras which are available in the market, it’s in your decision of what to buy, such as bras are worn at the beginning of the pregnancy, sleeping bra worn at night or nursing bras if you’re planning to breastfeed.

Sleeping with a big tummy can be difficult at all times, so it is also good to sleep in that is something comfortable and lighter. You must us a sleepwear that is perfect for pregnancy so that it will not compromise your sleeping time.

Belly lotion or  moisturizer

To prevent unbearable  skin dryness and itchiness that comes along with pregnancy because of the stretching of your belly must be lubricated or moisturized.

A safe cleaning and beauty products

It is very important to identify the cleaning and beauty products you are using are safe during maternity. Avoid using toxic beauty-care products.

Childbirth themed books

Even though most of the information are available online, it’s always best to read books especially if that books relieve some anxiety.

Reading up and searching various information on what will happen during your pregnancy or even at the time of your labor, is the best way to make you feel prepared and confident when the most a,waited day arrives.


These books must be centered on guides of pregnancy and childbirth, handling stress and anxiety during maternity. Some are suggesting about child’s care and health.

Remedies for morning sickness

It is just normal for a pregnant woman to experience morning sickness which may be in different intensities.

Some may not see as an issue, but others put their effort attention to it by putting some sort of nausea relief or some home-grown remedies during their first trimester.

Bands for supporting the belly

At the end the near end of your pregnancy, your child is traveling downwards until to the further of the bearing canal.

It is to position itself for the near labor. This will accomplish it easier to breathe. But it can as well cause some austere vaginal burden,walk aches and pains from your mid-back down to you ankles.

If it seems difficult for you, you’ll need to use a belly supporting band which is crafted to help carry weight, while easing your muscle pain and releasing some of the tensions.


Babies can hear music and sound conversation even they are in their mothers womb. So some of the mothers, use such pregnancy stuff to play their favorite, calming and therapeutic music to their babies.

And there’s a study showing that it is effective, the music, in comforting and relaxing the state of the unborn baby.

By using a bellyband

Bellyband is just one of many pregnancy items  that are available in the market to ease the struggles of some pregnant woman.

It is a premium seamless maternity band that is crafted to hold up pants, especially those that are unbuttoned or loose due to the changes of your body as a result of pregnancy.

It is composed of nylon, silicone strip compounds that can be reused or washed at a warm gentle water.

 Love and extra care to yourself and your baby

Last but not the least, probably the most important pregnancy must have, are of care and love. Nothing can beat a mother’s love.


Perhaps, it’s true. Pregnant women must always possess love throughout her pregnancy. She must show to herself and to her unborn baby the unconditional love, even though he wasn’t born yet.

With that, all of her stresses will go away and can be replaced with happiness and enjoyment, and may result in a little extra care. Being pregnant is not a burden. It’s a dream, a blessing, and a product of two people bonded with love and a desire to have a family.

Author Bio:

Hello, my name is Valeria. I’m a blogger, a pediatrician, and a specialist in the field of pregnancy and parenting. I like to help people with their questions.

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