I Had No Clue These Chemicals Could Be So Harmful


Right from the time we decide to breastfeed our newborns to later ensuring that they eat healthy and organic food and continuously being paranoid about the cleanliness of their environment , our single objective as parents is to ensure that they remain in the best of health now and forever!

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Aren’t we trying our level best to reduce their exposure to all type of toxins and chemicals, whether they are food-toxins or environmental toxins; always surfing the net to figure what’s good and what’s not? But there is one aspect which we tend to ignore and I was so clueless…

That sweet baby fragrance…I always thought the brands I used have been trusted for years by so many people, how could I go wrong?

Right from the time they are born, we expose our babies to several products for their personal hygiene likes soaps, shampoos, baby lotions, oils, talcs and the list goes on.

But we never look beyond that cute baby face on the front of the bottle. We never turn the bottle and read what it contains and if we do, we rarely understand what the contents mean; paraben, PEG, mineral oil and the list goes on..

The truth is that we believe them when they say ‘Natural’ ‘Organic’ but that’s not it. We need to look beyond. We need to turn the bottle and read the contents and more so understand what it means.

Several of these chemicals are harmful for our little babies; some are carcinogens. They can cause problems in the long-run; actually even in the short-run. Skin allergies, sensitivities, diseases can all be a result of these harmful chemicals that we are exposing our soft little babies to.

Things which actually seem completely harmless can actually be harmful, even for adults, leave alone babies. So often, we wonder, that when I’m so careful about everything he eats, where he goes, his environment, the cleanliness in my home and every other aspect, why is his health still getting affected?

What am I doing wrong? The answer could well be here. We need to carefully inspect all the products that we are using on our baby.

Whether it is a harmless soap or a diaper cream that we are most paranoid about. Even simple things like wipes has chemicals and preservatives that can be highly toxic. Here is a list of chemicals that we need to be vary of.

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So let’s be aware, let’s be careful, let’s #readthelabel to protect our babies. We owe them our very best, don’t we? Here is a list of chemicals and toxins we should be vary off…


Parabens can be found in soaps, baby shampoos and lotions. Parabens can cause breast cancer tumors, reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption and skin irritation. Stay away from ingredients ending in “paraben.” There may be parabens in your baby’s wipes.


Various chemicals of this family of poly ethylene glycols are found across lotions, creams and shampoos. This carcinogenic petroleum ingredient reduces the skin’s natural moisture, increases the appearance of aging and leaves you vulnerable to bacteria.

Look out for PEG on the baby product label.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a cheap byproduct of petroleum processing and is literally like a plastic wrap on the skin. Sometimes baby oil is a horrid combination of mineral oil mixed with fragrance.


An undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals. Many baby products like body powder, baby wash, shampoo, lotion, diapers contain fragrance.

There is evidence that exposure to fragrance leads to asthma, causes neurological, skin, respiratory and eye damage too. Avoid any product that lists fragrance, perfume or parfum.


Some preservatives like benzoic acid can generate benzene. And benzene is a proven carcinogen associated with leukemia and other blood cancers. These preservatives are added to baby shampoo and baby lotions.

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

This harmful ingredient, recognized as one of the most harmful ingredients in personal care products, is used to give soaps, shampoos and toothpastes that foamy appeal. It’s very dangerous!

This irritant can be extremely harsh on the delicate skin of a baby/child and can keep their eyes from developing optimally. It can damage the immune system; causing separation of skin layers and inflammation of skin.

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You will not be surprised to know it’s found in car wash soap, engine degreaser and detergents too!

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