5 Parenting Rules to Live By

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Forget what Dr. Sears and all of the other ‘pros’ have to say. Being a parent isn’t easy, and it sure didn’t come with an instruction manual.

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Stop trying to live by a golden rule and standard that your baby should fit and start living the good life with your bundle of joy. If you are a new parent, here are 5 parenting rules to live by.

1. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ baby

No, we’re not talking about clothes here. You will find all of this information about babies and what a baby should do, what he or she should know, what kind of temperament he or she should have, the amount of food that he or she should be eating, a list telling you baby should wake every two hours to be fed – the list is endless.

What you must know, however, is that babies are human beings, and no one can ever predict the type of personality that your little one could possess.

Babies do not come with manuals for a reason, so calm down and relax a little bit. If your baby doesn’t act the way the baby books say that he should or if she isn’t achieving milestones right on target, that is okay.

Your baby will do things at a pace that he or she is comfortable with. Don’t rush it, and certainly don’t panic.

2. Listen to the advice… and go

When you are pregnant and long after birth you will get a lot of advice from a lot of people.

Whether it is your Mom or your best friend, your hair stylist or the lady in the supermarket, everyone thinks that they are an expert on parenting and can help you archive the same greatness. There’s no point in getting upset or trying to correct these people.

They mean well, but can come off harshly. Rather than allow this to cause you trouble, simply listen, thank them and move on with your life.

3. You are a parent, not a friend

It is easy to want to be your child’s friend instead of a parent. It is only natural that we want our children to like us and enjoy our company.

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However, your job as a parent is to make sure that your kids are growing up to be respectable, honorable, honest and caring individuals.

You need to teach them so much, including right from wrong. Sometimes it is hard, but you must always ensure that you are a parent first and friend second.

Children need to learn right from wrong and have rules to live by. They need to understand the consequence for their action and how to become productive citizens. These things should be taught to your child starting at an early age.

4. Always love with all that you have

There is no doubt this one is easy for any parent. Children need love and depend upon that love to help them now and later in life.

Always love your children with all that you have, and never miss an opportunity to tell them just how much you love them. There will come a time when that opportunity has passed.

You want to be sure that you were able to show your kids all of the love possible from another human being. Remember you are shaping their future.

5. You’re not perfect, and shouldn’t try to be

It would be nice if there really were such a thing as a perfect person or a perfect parent. But the fact remains that there is no such thing in existence.

As much as we all want to be the very best parent that we can be, perfect is far too classy to call it.

If you focus upon trying to achieve perfection you are going to miss out on a lot, yet never achieve the goal you’ve set out for. Take parenting for what it is.

Relax, unwind and enjoy your kids. You are not supposed to be perfect and shouldn’t try to be. Trust me when I say that your kids will love you more for being yourself, for all of your quirkiness and all of your silly mistakes.

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Parenting 101: You’ve been schooled

The 5 parenting rules to live by listed above should help you learn how to relax, unwind and live your life as a parent and stop worrying, wondering, and trying so hard.

If you use these tips in your parenting scheme, you are sure to have far more fond memories to cherish and look back upon many years ahead.

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