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6 Types of Miscarriages

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Suffering a miscarriage or pregnancy can be a hallowing experience. Miscarriage and pregnancy are not the same thing, but they are closely related. Both have to do with pregnancy termination.

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There are different kinds of miscarriage and the most common include the following:

  1. Threatened miscarriage
  2. Inevitable miscarriage
  3. Complete miscarriage
  4. Incomplete miscarriage
  5. Missed miscarriage
  6. Recurrent miscarriage

These are the six types of miscarriage. It is also necessary that you learn how to recognize the different types of pregnancy and differentiate them from one another.

Anytime you suspect a miscarriage or pregnancy you should not waste time in seeking for medical attention. This is important to avoid unnecessary complications that could follow such as hemorrhage and others.

1. Threatened miscarriage

Before the miscarriage occurs, the body would be exhibiting some signs. It is called threatened because it shows such signs like vaginal bleeding. Another sign it can show is a pain in the lower abdomen. The sign can be there for weeks with the cervix intact and closed.

The bleeding could go away, and you can continue with your pregnancy. There are instances where things get worse resulting in a miscarriage.

When this happens, it will extremely difficult to save that pregnancy. Any help at that stage could not be successful. This type of miscarriage is always possible during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

It is expected that at least 25 percent of pregnancy suffer from this kind of miscarriage. It is important to note that most of these bleedings do not result in a miscarriage. Once your cervix is dilated then the pregnancy could survive, but you seek for help before it becomes late.

2. Inevitable miscarriage

As the name suggests, this miscarriage cannot be prevented, and this means that it must occur. Sometimes it can after a threatened miscarriage and there are situations in which it can occur without signs.

You can know the sign from the enormous bleeding or the severe lower stomach pain.


The miscarriage will occur because the cervix is not closed. The fetus will just come away through the bleeding. You can expect this kind of miscarriage at the early period of the pregnancy. The bleeding is always accompanied by cervical dilation.

3. Incomplete miscarriage

This type of miscarriage is not complete but substantial quantities of blood are always lost in this kind of miscarriage. When it happens, it is often followed by an ultrasound to determine the extent of that miscarriage.

If after examination that some uterine contents are still available, then there is the need to follow it with treatment.

4. Complete miscarriage

When a complete miscarriage occurs, it simply means that all the contents in the uterus are no longer there. This is always accompanied by vaginal bleeding which can be there for days. Signs include signs of labour and cramping pain.

This simply means that the uterus is contrasting until it has emptied everything.

If you have this kind of marriage, you must follow it with check to ensure that everything is removed from the uterus. Before the tissue passing occurs, there is always a severe pain and the pain will subside once it passes.

5. Missed Miscarriage

This is another type of miscarriage. This is a situation where the baby has already died in the womb but has not been evacuated out of the uterus. Sign of this miscarriage includes brownish discharge from the vagina.

Furthermore, you know longer perceive those signs that indicate pregnancy like tiredness, nausea. When this happens, you have to consult your doctor to discuss treatment options.

6. Recurrent miscarriage

When you have repeated miscarriage then you suffer from what is known as recurrent miscarriage. It is important that when you suffer from such a miscarriage two, three to four times in a row then you must seek for assistance for your doctor.

Pregnancy loss

There are other kinds of pregnancies that do not last until the delivery time. These are called pregnancy loss. There are different kinds of pregnancy loss and here are some of them.


Ectopic pregnancy

This is another type of pregnancy. The embryo is not formed in the proper place it should be which is the uterus, it is formed outside the uterus. It can in any of the fallopian tubes. This type of pregnancy cannot survive because it will not get the needed help from the uterus to survive.

It is not easy to tell when one has this kind of pregnancy. Many people will know that they have this kind of pregnancy until it begins to bleed.

Signs is that you could encounter severe pain in the lower part of your body especially the abdomen. When you suffer from this kind of pain then you must seek urgent medical attention. As said before, this kind of pregnancy cannot survive. It must eventually go.

Molar pregnancy

No woman will like to have a pregnancy that will not mature to babies. It lacks those features that will make it develop fully. When it begins to develop, it is either partial or it is incomplete. The only way out of that problem is to remove that embryo through a surgical procedure.

Molar pregnancy

A molar pregnancy is a type of pregnancy that fails to develop properly from conception. It can be either complete or partial and usually needs to be surgically removed.

Blighted ovum

With a blighted ovum, the sac develops but there is no baby inside. It is also known as an ‘anembryonic pregnancy’.

This condition is usually discovered during a scan. In most cases, an embryo was conceived but did not develop and was reabsorbed into the uterus at a very early stage. You should see your doctor to discuss treatment options.


These are the common types of miscarriage. If you start having abdominal pain especially at the lower part of your abdomen, you should consult your doctor. If there is anything to do to salvage that pregnancy, your doctor will know. If you seek help as soon as you begin to experience vaginal drop, there can be way out.

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