Advice on How to Roughouse Safely With Your Kids

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We are probably all familiar with how the man in the family usually roughhouses with the kids.  We are also familiar with how some mothers sometimes get upset with this because it tends to get the kids excited and full of energy.

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Recent studies have shown however that roughhousing has several benefits for kids, such as building their resilience, making them smarter, building their social intelligence, making them more moral, keeping them active and best of all building the father-child bond. But, how should one roughhouse with their kids?

Of course there is no right or wrong way of roughhousing as this is just a spontaneous activity. It is improvised play that happens to be very interactive and rowdy.

You don’t want to over think if you are doing it right because then you will spoil the fun. Keeping this in mind, there a few things you should remember when tossing those kids around.

First and foremost, you need to make safety your first priority. It is all right to get rough and rowdy with the kids, but you don’t want to get too crazy with them.

You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times; keep your kids away from areas where there are brick walls, trees, and other objects where they can get hurt.

Remember to scope out an area before you start roughhousing so that you are aware of your surroundings. Never roughhouse around a pool.

Also, it is important to remember that children’s joints are prone to injury when roughhousing. Try to stay away from the joint locks until they get older and are fully developed.

Roughhousing before bed is definitely a no-no.  I know this is tempting to do because you are there getting them ready for bed and you are probably going to miss them while you are asleep, but this is not the time to try to get in more daddy time.

Kids, like adults, need time to unwind before they turn in. You can’t expect them to roughhouse and then jump in bed and go right to sleep. If you want your child up all night, then by all means go ahead and roughhouse. If you want your child to go to sleep, don’t do it.

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Finally, Dads, don’t forget that roughhousing is for girls too. Although boys are much more likely to engage in roughhousing, your girls don’t want to be left out of the fun.

As a matter of fact, research shows that girls who engage in roughhousing with their dads are much more confident than those who don’t. Other studies even go further in showing if you roughhouse with your little girl, it may prevent your little angel from becoming a mean Queen Bee.

So dads, regardless of what mom says, roughhousing is a good thing for the kids. Just make sure you follow some basic safety rules and you will with the kids in no time!

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