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Trying to pick the right name for your baby? Check out our lists of the year’s most popular baby names and meanings, top names for boys and girls, and more.
Old English Names for Boys and Girls

Old English Names for Boys and Girls

A name is not just a label, tag, or a cute pseudonym for a baby. A name goes on a lifetime to shape a...
Vietnamese Girl Names

50+ Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names and Their Meanings

A name is a very first unique gift you bestow to your little one. According to the Bible, a name was the first gift...
Vietnamese Boy Names

78 Beautiful Vietnamese Boy Names and Meanings

As a parent, we all have it on the front of our minds that a name tells great stories about our foundations, presents, and...
Twin Baby Names

300+ Best Twin Baby Names Combination

We all have it on the front of our minds that names tell great stories about our foundations, presents, and our futures, and they...
German Boy Names

112 German Boy Names: Meaning and Origin

Finding a name for your baby that you love is one of the most important parts of preparing for his or her arrival. But...
African Boy Names

50 African Boy Names: Origin and Meanings

Africa's influence looms large when it comes to their culture and baby names. Being the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is filled with...
German Girl Names

35 German Girl Names: Meaning and origin

It's a common practice worldwide that when you meet someone for the first time, the first thing you ask about is their name, and...
Hebrew Baby Names

60 Hebrew Baby Names for Your Newborn

Almost every baby name list you come across contains one or two Hebrew names. This owes to the fact that its usage dates as...
Native American Baby Names

50+ Native American Baby Names

Choosing a name for your baby is always a tasking job to do as one needs to be careful with their choice of names....
Hunter Names for Girls

20+ Hunter Names for Girls

Baby girls are not exempted from bearing hunter names. There are feminine hunting names that depict strength and resilience. It also reflects the parents’...