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Baby Sleeping Myths

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It seems that everyone has something to tell you about your baby and the way that he will sleep, how to make him sleep more, and how to get him to sleep through the night. Sadly, most of the advice that you are given isn’t actually true.

People mean well, and probably even believe what they are telling you to be true. It might have even happened to them in their lifetime. But at the end of the day it doesn’t make it true, just lie these common myths about baby sleep that we are going to share with you.

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Take a look at a few of the most common myths about baby sleep that new mothers hear. Chances are you will hear at least one or two of these myths. Now, when you hear them you will know to thank them for their advice but continue on with your normal routine.

Myth One: You Need to be Super Quiet Around Baby

Not true, unless you want to have to creep around your kid for the rest of your life. So many parents want everything to be hush hush around baby so not to wake him, but the simple fact of the matter is that baby needs to hear these noises so he can adjust to his environment and surroundings.

Life must continue after you have baby. This is a great way to ensure that you do not stop living to cater to your baby.

Myth Two: Put Baby to Sleep Later so he will Sleep Longer

A baby pretty much has their sleep pattern figured out before they are born, and trying to interfere with that will do nothing more than make you one tired parent. While some babies will sleep later if you put them to bed later, this isn’t always true.

You could actually have a baby that has a clock that insists on getting up at a certain time. This makes for a bad day for everyone when baby doesn’t get enough sleep.

Myth Three: Cereal Helps Baby Sleep

Cereal should not be introduced to baby until four to six months of age. Before this time, it can actually be dangerous to your baby’s immune system.

It is not recommended that cereal ever be put into a bottle and there is no proof that suggests that this will help baby sleep longer. Now many mothers will tell you otherwise, but it is more likely the luck of the draw rather than the cereal in the bottle.

Myth Four: Solids help Baby Sleep Through the Night

If this were only the truth. Baby will not start sleeping through the night simply because you have added solids to her diet. Medical professionals also do not recommend babies under six months be fed solids.


Myth Five: Your Baby Will Sleep Through the Night by Six Months

My youngest son will serve as the proof of this myth. It was an amazing 14 months before he slept all night.

I was tired; very tired, and remember how amazing I felt the morning after he slept all night, but also how scared I was that something was wrong. Now, this isn’t to scare you: my baby was a very late bloomer.

But, it is also to let you know that babies sleep through the night when they are good and ready and not a minute before or after. While there is a typical age frame for this achievement, nothing is set in stone and your baby might be a little mischievous like my little man.

Myth Six: It is Okay to Put Baby to Sleep on his Tummy

Baby should always be placed onto his back for sleep, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Back sleeping reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, better known as SIDS. Whether it is a short nap or bedtime, always make certain that you put baby on his back.

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