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Balancing Kids and Work in the Summer

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When both parents work, summers can be extra difficult for them and the kids. With the season being warm and the kids wanting to be out swimming, barbecuing etc., scheduling someone to watch the kids as well as scheduling time to be with the kids can be a bit of a challenge.

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When this happens it’s not only the heat outside that goes up. Here are some ways as parents you might be able to deal with this.

Student Sitters

If your kids are school-age you probably don’t need a professional sitter to keep an eye on them. There is nothing wrong with hiring a fun college or high school student that can provide a ton of fun at a more reasonable price.

OK, so your house is not all clean and organized when you get home from work, and dinner may not be in the oven, but wouldn’t you be happy just knowing your kids are hang one great summer.

Alternate Vacations

It’s always hard to know what to do about vacations when you are both working. If you are paying someone to take care of the kids you might consider not taking vacation at the same time.

Taking them at different times may be a smart financial move for the two of you, because during the time you are each off you don’t need pay a sitter. Of course the downside is you will have to give up a family vacation with everyone together.

This may still work out if you keep things simple and utilize local activities to have fun. There is nothing wrong with going to the local beach for a day, visiting a local or museum, of for that matter staying home, turning on the sprinkler and having a barbecue. Doing these local activities will also help financially.

Camp Grandpa

If there is an older relative, like grandparents or even a single aunt or uncle, maybe they would like to visit for a week or two.

This can be a great experience for all involved.  It’s great for the older relative because it gives them some time with a family for a little while, and it’s also great for the kids.

The best part is that it give the parents another break. This is just another way that parents can save money in the summer!


Work Support

If you’re lucky and work for a company that is based on a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) you can spend more time with your family, even if you don’t spend time at work. All the company cares about is that you get the work done.

Where you get it done is up to you. You may want to consider this when you first look for a job, as it will give you more flexibility.

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