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Best Gifts for the New Moms and Dads

Gifts for the New Moms and Dads

 Being a new parent is an exciting new journey full of adventure, love, fun, poop and diaper change. New parents are usually too busy pouring their heart, soul, formerly restful nights, and finances into their new favourite human.

So much so they barely have time to do basic things like shopping for themselves.

It’s no joke: New parents are some of the most selfless people in the world, and there is high possibility chances are, the ones in your life need a little pampering and spoiling.

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Here are some fun picks for new parents

Comfy loungewear

Regardless of whether your friend or relative is on maternity (or paternity) leave, a stay-at-home mom (or stay-at-home dad), or splitting their time between caring for their baby and the office, chances are they’re probably going out a lot less these days. New parents will appreciate new comfy loungewear.

Cute enough to wear around the house, answer the door and even receive guests in. Also comfy enough for snuggles in bed or on the couch while feeding the newest bundle of joy.

Food delivery, dine-in, or takeout gift certificate

This might only come to mind in the immediate weeks after birth, over the entire first year of the baby, we guarantee it’s a welcome gift.

In reality, in many cases, baby parents in the 6 to 12-month range find themselves with even more time requirements. And those with smaller ones have to adapt to a new standard. So indeed, it is always a cherished gift to have a meal (or 2, or 200)

The options here are practically endless. Some of our favourites include:

  • Postmates
  • Uber Eats
  • Panera Bread
  • Grubhub
  • SendaMeal
  • Jumia food
  • Chopnownow
  • GoFood
  • Ofood

Noise-cancelling headphones

Get a pair of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones for when one of the new parents needs silence for a few minutes. There is a wide range of price points for noise-cancelling headphones.

They are different prices and different specifications. 

Hand lotion

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a new parent friend, coworker, or relative? Have you considered a luxurious hand lotion? This will be a wonderful addition to any diaper changing station where a lot of hand washing happen.

While the need might not occur to new parents as a necessity, it ill is genuinely appreciated.

A cute wallet for the diaper bag

Behind every new parent is a diaper bag struggle. It is a constant turmoil trying to remember to pack baby wipes, extra formula and the rest of the other baby essentials.

So much so at the expense of the forgotten wallet left by the door or in a purse forgotten on the kitchen counter.

Having an additional stash in the diaper bag is completely important. Look for a cute, colourful choice that’s easily spotted between the diaper cream and burp cloths, and add some cash while you’re at it if you feel especially generous.

Haircare Kits

Often the only “me time” that new parents get is shower time. For a welcome gift, especially when you think of how postpartum hair challenges can be, a hair care kit would make a nice gift. The new dad doesn’t have to be left behind. There are also choices for men specifically.

Robotic vacuum

When hip-carrying your 6-month-old, walking around a vacuum cleaner is tough. Plus, no matter how much your 1-month-old might love the vacuum’s white noise, during precious baby nap time, Vacuum cleaning is a task no new parent wants to do.

Invest in a robotic vacuum for your mom or dad friend and save them some time because no matter what it is easier to carry out these tasks when the baby is asleep.

Sterilizer and dryer

Yeah, this may sound suspiciously more like an item for the baby than for mom or dad, but something in our book that gives the household adults more of their time back is a win.

This fabulous multitasker will sterilize, dry, and store almost everything related to babies: bottles, pacifiers, baby utensils and plates, even breast pump bits, quicker and more convenient than washing all by hand.

Modern photo gifts

Gifts for the New Moms and Dads

Photo gifts may seem so, the early 2000s, but there are some thouhtful additon to this classic that makes it worth considering. You might find it surpriseing for you to know that not all parents have the time to print their favourite photos, let alone put together a photo album.

Can you see where I am going with this? Don’t get lost amongst all the social media popular gifts— stand out by giving a gift that keeps on giving long after other’s gifts are forgotten.

Preload a digital photo frame with pictures from mom or dad’s social media accounts so they can think of the precious first-year moments even in the midst of the challenges of changing diapers, midnight feeding and washing. (You never know when a crib-side photo may encourage a tired parent through a soothing nighttime session.)

Postpartum care kit

This is her go-to gift for new moms, One Healthline mother revealed during a poll. Fill the brim with witch hazel pads, nipple cream, good lotion, under-eye gel pads, earplugs, and a sweet sitz bath solution. Buy a pretty basket or cloth bag.

Give a few hours to watch a baby as mom pampers herself.

And speaking of postpartum wellbeing, did you know that postpartum depression can also happen to dads? Show him during this tough period that he’s not forgotten, fill a kit with shaving products, facial masks, and loungewear.


Clothes can be one of a person’s hardest gifts to buy, but also one of the most intimate and admired. It was great to get so many lovely presents for the kids, but a dress would mean a lot to a new mother.

I think any personal gift would be nice to receive, particularly clothing, as I think most new mothers sometimes might have been wearing the same stuff on repeat for months at a certain point postpartum.

A helping hand

The most thoughtful gifts often aren’t the tangible ones that you can keep in your lap. It might feel like the entire house had been falling apart a few months postpartum, which is why new parents will immensely appreciate a helping hand.

Consider offering a helping hand, particularly during the holidays or special occasions when time can be especially valuable. Some thoughts:

  • Help with the laundry or dirty dishes.
  • Clean the refrigerator, microwave, or bathtub thoroughly.
  • Help mow the lawn
  • make some minor repairs. 

Guided journals

The days can feel long, but the years go by too quickly, and mom and dad can be too distracted by the day-to-day to think about jotting down precious moments they want to remember, especially in the early months of new parenthood.

There are plenty of guided journals out there, from a 5-second option to those that carry memories worth five years. Or a book for parents to write messages to their baby for later reading, full of blank notes and envelopes.

Essentials delivered

The ability to place some activities on autopilot should never be underestimated. Show us a new mom, and we’ll show you someone who may have at least one mid-night shop going for diapers, baby wipes, milk, or caffeine. You can gift your friend with diapers or other necessities worth.

App subscription

And what new parent wouldn’t love asleep or meditation help when it comes to subscriptions? (It’s a wonderful time to be alive.) Sleep tales, guided meditation, daily inspo, and more are provided by apps like Calm and Aura. What about movies streaming apps like Netflix? There are a lot of options.

Consider purchasing a year-long subscription of an app for the new mom or dad.

Trip to the spa

Among parents during a poll conducted by Healthline, this was a super famous gift. While nobody should need permission to indulge in a good massage and other goodness of self-care, the fact is at times we all suck at pampering ourselves.

Give a new mom the go-ahead by arranging for a babysitter and preparing a glorious day of regeneration and relaxation (or daddy-dad massages are totally a thing, and we’re here for it).

The takeaway

The fact is any gestures of thoughtfulness would be appreciated by the new parents in your life, whether they come bundled up with a pretty bow or only in the form of a phone call or visit.

As one Healthline mom points out, the best gift is often a big ole ‘pan of mac and cheese and an evening of adult conversation. Trust us; once the newest addition arrives, this becomes a coveted commodity.

We hope that these ideas will get you started, but just being there is the best gift you can offer, and reminding new moms and dads that they have this.


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