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Why You Should Buy Electric Toothbrush for Kids Today

Electric Toothbrush

Many kids do not like to brush or are too lazy to move the brush around in their mouth properly. Result? Cavities and bad oral health.

It is essential to put good oral hygiene habits into your kids early in their childhood, so that it stays on for the rest of their life. However, to tackle the issue of them not liking brushing or too lazy to do so could lie in a simple change of the toothbrush.

The shift of manual brush to an electric one for the kids has proven to be very successful. It has opened kids to oral hygiene and has proven helpful in preventing early plaque and cavities in them.

How does an electric toothbrush help?

Though the American Dental Association says that both manual and electric toothbrush are effective in cleaning the teeth, however, electric brushes prove good for reluctant brushers. The ease of use and comfort allows the kids to stay engaged without using much of their efforts.

These brushes are also as effective at fighting plaque and gum diseases as manual toothbrushes. It is though, essential that you consult with a dentist first before getting your child one.

Unlike a manual toothbrush that works on multiple teeth at once with straight centers, and to and fro motion, an electric toothbrush works on only one. The round center of the toothbrush concentrates its motion on one tooth at a time and cleans them effectively. Although it requires patience, it does a thorough job of cleaning the teeth.

When should you buy your child its first electric toothbrush?

It is strongly recommended that a child must be about 3 to 4 years of age to get their first electric brush. It is difficult for toddlers to handle and use the brush properly.

The brushes, thus, also come based on the ages of the children. This includes gentler models for kids who’re closer to 4 years of age and more firm one for those around 7 or above.

In order to keep the kids engaged, the toothbrushes come with their favorite cartoon or movie characters stuck on them, or in different shapes and sizes.

Many of the brushes also come with a tiny light that pops up every time the kid brushes. Some of them also play music, and set the right mood for your kid’s brushing time.

How to pick the right toothbrush?

Just like a manual brush, an electric brush also needs to be picked out right. The size, the quality of the bristles, and the style of the brush are the most important factors while selecting one.

The kids have soft tooth as they’re still developing and thus, it is always a good idea to go for soft bristles as compared to the other, firm ones. Firm or medium soft bristles are still hard on the child’s teeth and can damage it more than cleaning it.

Choosing the right head for the brush is also important along with the bristles. The brush should be able to fit properly into the child’s mouth and should be able to cover all of it properly without straining any muscles around the mouth. This will be able to clean the bits of food that lie in the far end teeth of the mouth.

The child’s head should be chosen with a big handle so the kid is able to use it and move it around without any difficulty. Apart from these two factors, you can also go for toothbrushes that offer music and tiny lights to intrigue the interest of the kids. Letting the kids choose their own brush also encourages them to use it more often.

Use it the right way

An electric brush may make the work easier for you, but it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. It is still important to tech your kid to brush in the right way. Placing the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the gum stays true for all kinds of brushes.

The electric brush may be a fun start or a change for the children with lazy brushing habits, but it must work as a step to their lifetime oral health tips. The brushes also need to be changed every three months, and more so often if they sick.

Proper oral health is as important as physical health and need to be taken care of well.


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