Custard Apple – Health Benefits to Convince You to Add in Your Diet

Custard Apple
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Custard apple (also known as sugar apple) is soft, chewy fruit rich in nutrients and macronutrients. Its scientific name is Annona reticulata. With lots of seeds covered in pulp layers, this fruit comes in many irregular shapes like spherical, oblong, and heart-shaped.

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This fruit is used in many sweet dishes and desserts all over the world; however, it’s better to eat as it is. This mouth-watering fruit has its nutritional benefits on human health.

But before going ahead of its benefits, let’s check first its nutritional facts:

Vitamin C

Custard apple is a good source of various vitamins and minerals, and vitamin C is one of them. Vitamin C helps to strengthen your immune system, fights off infections, reduces toxicity and improves the vision.


Calcium is the mineral needed for strong bones. It is well present in custard apple, and thus improves your bone health.


Magnesium is highly essential for babies and toddlers for their growth. This mineral is necessary for our body to produce energy. Hence, we must have it in the right amount.


This mineral is also needed for our bone and gum health. Presenting in good amount in custard apple, you can get many dental benefits from it. It prevents problems like tooth decay or gum pain.

Antibacterial properties

It also has many antibacterial properties and fights off the seasonal bacterial attacks.


Being a rich fibre fruit, this is one of the best anti-oxidants and repairs your cells.

Benefits of eating custard apple

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Healthy hair and skin

Having a rich number of vitamins, the fruit is much beneficial for healthy hair and skin. It has its properties of anti-aging and moisturizing the skin. Also, its creamy pulp can be used to treat ulcers and boils.

You can make out a balm and apply on the boils. It improves the melanin production for your hair growth. For having custard apple on a daily basis, you can grow shiny and strong hair. You can also apply it as a hair mask and here is how:

  • Make a paste out of the pulp and extract all the seeds.
  • Apply the paste over your scalpand rest for half an hour.
  • Now, wash it off with warm water and repeat twice a month.

For skin

It is better to consume the fruit as it is; however, you can make a paste and apply it over your face and neck. After drying up, wash it off with normal water. It positively works to treat pimples as well.

Help to gain weight

Sugar apple or custard apple is the best fruit to gain weight. Having once in a day is enough to increase your body weight naturally. Else, you can consume it by mixing with honey if you require more calories. These both sweet and sugary ingredients are best to gain weight in a healthy way.

Improve brain health

In today’s hectic life where you are facing a lot of problems and tensions, custard apple is much beneficial to boost your brain health. The nutrients present in the fruit are absorbed by your bloodstream and helps to stay your brain stronger. It lessens your neurological problems.

Helps to treat anaemia

The custard apple also helps to treat anaemia. It works as coolant and stimulant. And, even a rich source of iron. The healthy properties of fruit aids in the treatment of people suffering from anaemia.

You can consume it in ice-creams, shakes and smoothies for better taste choice.

Improve the eyesight

Custard apple is also helpful in improving vision. By having this fruit in your daily diet reduces the strain on the lens and keep your sight healthy enough. This sugary fruit contains many nutrients, as mentioned above that help to improve your vision and give you healthy eyes.

Prevent cancer

Custard apple has cancer-preventing properties. The alkaloids and acetogenin are the compounds that action against cancer cells.

Plus, the anti-oxidants present in the fruit also avoid the risk of developing cancer in the body. It is better to consume the fruit by pulping out the flesh as it is and do not mix with other ingredients.

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Helpful during pregnancy

This creamy sweet fruit is a good source of vitamins and other minerals like potassium and magnesium, which are essential for fetus’s growth.

So, it is a wonderful choice to add custard apple in your diet during pregnancy. Not only for baby in the womb but for the mother, it is an excellent nutrient to consume.

Prevent heart attacks

It is a good source content of magnesium that prevents cardiac attacks and helps to defend heart. Plus, vitamin B6 reduces the chances of heart diseases and to prevent homocysteine collection.

Improve the digestion system

The custard apple can ease the bowel movement as it is rich in copper and dietary fibre.It helps to relieve from constipation. You can dry it down under the sun and then make a powder which can be consumed with water to heal diarrhea.

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Custard Apple
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