3 Ways of Dealing With Pregnancy Fears

Chemical Pregnancy
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The – ‘OMG, I’m Pregnant’ euphoria may soon or sooner get replaced by, ‘OMG, I have to go through labor!!’ It probably just depends on your threshold to excruciating physical pain.

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Actually it’s truly made to sound worse than it is. Having endured the usual agonizing few hours of labor exactly 10 months ago, let’s talk about what any expecting mom is bound to worry about in those ‘blissful’ 9 months of pregnancy.

1. I won’t be able to handle the pain

That’s not true! And one thing that relaxed me atleast was, there’s no going back now. I have to deal with it right? I’m glad it’s over now but those 4 am labor screams would make you believe otherwise.

So actually it’s true, it will be painful, but you will survive it, and believe me few months down the line you will forget about it.

How to cope

Keep a birthing plan ready. Keep your calming music, your rock music, basically whatever soothes your nerves or energizes you, – keep it handy. Talk to your doctor in advance about how to help you, whether you want the epidural (ofcourse you do), and think about using the relaxing ball, or a water tub to help you.

2. Will I be able to look after A NEW BORN?

I’ve been there. You can barely manage to get to work on time, now you have to nurse round the clock, watch out for vital signs, brave sleepless nights? It sounds crazy challenging, and almost impossible but you can do it.

How to cope

You can do it. Babies are designed to help you understand them, they’re going to let you know when something is wrong, and you will be able to figure out their signs.

The thing that helped me most was, – Suspend or lose yourself in your baby-land for the first few months and it will be much easier. Don’t feel bad about not getting out or partying or shopping. Just immerse yourself for some time and accept it.

3. When will I get out again?

While your friends live a normal life, post baby, your world will never be the same again, and trust me – there’s nothing you will love more. And the best part? Your love for your baby will ONLY grow with time.

How to cope

Know that the first month post delivery is the hardest, it only gets better from then on. And with some hired help, or loving family, you will be able to get out and go on a date and do other normal things.

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Just give it 3 to 6 months. My husband and me even took off to Thailand for a few days leaving baby with grandparents and the nanny. So don’t worry, believe me it will get better. And the best part?

After a night out, you still come home to the best thing in your life!

Author Bio:

Chandni Bhagat is a child Psychologist, who spends her time shuffling between Bombay, Dubai and New York city.

Chemical Pregnancy
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