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Family Night Out: Music In The Park

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If you are looking for great ideas for a family night out, check your local newspaper for music in the park. Many communities across the United States offer the neat summer treat of music in the park.

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Often there is no fee for attendance, though there may be vendors selling various goodies. There are many perks to attending local music shows as well.

When there is a fee for attendance, you can be assured it is going to take care of local people and that is always a good cause.

Whether it is classic rock and roll or fiddle-heavy blue grass, there is sure to be something to fit everyone’s tastes. Even if one week it isn’t exactly your taste in music, it is the experience itself that matters more.

Your children get to hear live music, and if it isn’t music you generally listen to at home, then a level of music appreciation can be achieved through this little act of diversity.

Most communities post their musical happenings in the local newspaper, so finding the shows is simple and knowing ahead of time when and where they will be held will help in planning a family night out.

When we go it is always fun, and even though some of the music is not from a genre I would normally listen to, I will still dance along when the beat is good.

This is also another great way to teach your children how to be involved with your community. Showing support to the local musicians is a great habit to form, especially in early ages.

Homeschooling parents can turn an outing like this into a form of musical education by discussing the instruments used by the band and the type of music being played in comparison to other types of music they already know.

Of course, this may be difficult to do in the moment, with music playing and people laughing, so if you can’t manage it during the show, the ride home will provide a great opportunity to discuss this.


One thing I discovered with taking my kids is their own interest in music. Not everyone wants to learn an instrument, but seeing the fun others have while playing music can spark an interest that may not have surfaced before seeing live music, in both the children and in yourself.

It was music in the park that got me wanting to learn how to play the fiddle, and I love rock and roll, so you never know until you get out there and experience it for yourself!

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