Five Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy on Vacation

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Taking a trip with kids can be daunting. The logistical demands of packing for and transporting an entire family require a lot of thought and planning, while the financial aspect can cause even more stress.

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To add to all of this, you also need to worry about keeping your kids healthy so they can actually enjoy the experience. Here are five tips for keeping them happy and healthy while on vacation:

Be Wary of the Water

While you may think it’s safe to continue to drink tap water if you are staying in your home country, water quality and content can vary just enough to make your child sick.

For example, water with excess minerals, no matter how clean and safe for others, can give a child who is not used to it some very painful digestive issues. Purchase bottled drinking water in a brand you know your children can tolerate, if at all possible.

Keep Their Diets Similar to Home

You may want to try the escargot, Beluga caviar or sushi on vacation, but your kids do not need to eat such delicacies unless you are absolutely sure they can tolerate them.

Most kids are happy to continue eating foods similar to what is prepared at home while on vacation, so plan your meal options around familiar choices if at all possible to avoid upset stomachs and food poisoning.

Maintain Their Normal Sleep Routine

Jet lag is bad enough, but letting your kids play in the hotel pool until two hours past bedtime can set you up for cranky children with disrupted digestion.

If at all possible, keep your kids on the same sleep schedules you use at home. If there is a significant time change to contend with, consider switching them to the new schedule gradually at home for a week or so before the trip.

Use Sunscreen and Apply Often

Children often do not notice they are burning until it’s too late. When vacationing this summer, remember to pack lots of sunscreen for the kids and be sure to re-apply it every two to three hours.

Choose a high SPF, especially if traveling to a higher altitude, and consider bringing aloe gel with you to treat any sunburns.

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The excitement of all the activity and new experiences can easily distract children from their normal hunger and thirst cues. While it is normally difficult to forget to feed your kids, you need to also encourage a lot of hydration.

Carry a large bottle of water and offer it to your kids frequently to keep them refreshed and adequately hydrated.

Vacationing with kids takes a lot of consideration and careful planning. By keeping these tips in mind, you can keep them fit and healthy for the duration of your trip.

Single parent
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