Four Check-ups your Child Should get Yearly

Check-ups your Child

For most people with children, schedules are hectic and time is limited. With all that needs to get done in a single day, it is easy to overlook important check-ups for the children that may seem repetitive or unnecessary.

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However, there are four important check-ups you should make a priority each year.

Dental Exams

Annual dental exams are also important for children as soon as teeth begin to emerge.

Pediatric dentists can monitor the growth of new teeth and catch any problems in the beginning stages. They can also ensure that proper dental hygiene is taking place to prevent any future problems.

Dentists can also determine if braces will be needed for children whose teeth do not grow in properly. Most dentist recommend two yearly visits to perform cleanings and educate children on healthy dental habits.

This will also help children become familiar with the dental process, lessening nervousness and fear.

Wellness Exams

It is important for children to have a wellness exam performed every year. They may seem repetitive and unnecessary, especially if all shots or vaccinations are up to date.

However, yearly exams are extremely important. These check-ups allow doctors to screen for any medical or developmental problems that may arise at any time.

At these visits, doctors will make sure that growth is on track, provide vaccinations against illness if they are due, and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your child.

Eye Exams

Yearly eye exams are as important for children as they are for adults. Many parents do not think to schedule an eye exam until their child begins to exhibit signs of a problem. However, it is much easier for the child if problems are detected and corrected early.

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According to an optometrist from Optometrists Clinic Inc, a child’s vision can deteriorate quickly, so waiting several years to have their eyesight checked can prove detrimental.

This is especially important for school-aged children, as poor eyesight may cause them to struggle in school. Optometrists will check for any abnormalities in the eyes, determine if vision is adequate, and provide corrective lenses, if needed.

Ensuring the health of your children is likely one of your highest priorities. However, a hectic day-to-day schedule can leave you wondering if all of these recommended annual check-ups are really necessary.

But these four annual check-ups are very critical to your child’s well-being, as they can detect any potential dangers before they can become major problems.

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