Four Tips for Keeping Your Kids From Becoming Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes
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Many parents are concerned about children becoming couch potatoes. The lack of physical activity each day can result in an increased risk of obesity and related diseases like diabetes.

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Parents need to take a direct role in preventing children from spending a long time in front of a television or computer each day. Four tips will help parents to keep kids from becoming couch potatoes.

1. Strictly Limit Television Time

Parents should strictly limit the time kids spend on the couch watching television, playing video games or using a computer. Kids do not always realize how long they have been on the couch.

Parents should use a timer to keep track of how long kids have spent on the couch. All televisions and game systems should be turned off as soon as the limit is exceeded.

2. Create an Active Routine

Encouraging an active lifestyle is easier if parents create a routine to follow every week. The routine can include an hour for riding bikes, walking around the neighborhood or just playing in the yard.

An active routine can also include helping parents cook or clean. Following a routine every week will encourage physical activity and will provide predictability that kids can understand.

3. Organized Outdoor Activities

Another way to stop kids from becoming couch potatoes is to get them involved in organized outdoor activities.

This could be sports or swimming. In Houston swimming lessons for kids will provide a fun activity that teaches a real skill. Kids will enjoy being in the water and learning how to swim or perform underwater tricks.

Swimming also uses most of the muscle groups in the body and helps to keep children healthy while growing. Children who are part of an organized outdoor activity are less likely to become couch potatoes even into adulthood.

4. Be an Example and Join Kids

Children will imitate some of the actions of parents. Parents need to be an example to kids and avoid sitting on the couch for hours watching television.

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Parents should try to be as active as possible. It especially helps to join children in activities during the day like riding a bike or playing outside. Children with active parents will find regular exercise normal.

This impression can stop kids from spending hours idly watching a television. Keeping children from become couch potatoes means paying attention to patterns of behavior each day.

All children enjoy doing something active. This could be swimming, sports or running around a playground. Parents need to understand what physical activities children enjoy. This will make it easier to get kids off the couch.

Couch Potatoes
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