Hacks for Moms

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If moms were paid for all of the work that they do, the figures would be pretty impressive. It’s true that moms wipe away tears, play chef and doctor, and counselor and taxi cab, among other jobs.

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Moms live busy lives, often working 9 to 5 jobs on top of housework, chores, activities, etc. Any type of break is nice to have.

To help you get those much needed breaks and a little bit of relief, take a look at these awesome hacks for mom sure to help you take a sigh of relief from your day-to-day activities.

Permanent Marker Solutions

Kids love markers but when they get hold of a permanent marker, the results can be devastating,  until now.

If your child has made a permanent marker mess, you can use hand sanitizer to remove it from clothing, milk to remove it from furniture, white vinegar to remove it from the carpet and hairspray or toothpaste works wonders to remove that marker from the wall.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Life gets busy and you oftentimes do not have the time to prepare a healthy meal for your family. One night per week, prepare meals for seven days.

Place the prepared meals in Ziploc bags or storage containers inside of the freezer. When you are ready to eat, simply pop them in the microwave for a minute or two and dinner is served. What could be easier?

Dry Erase Clipboards

If you don’t have one or two of these clipboards, you are really making life a whole lot harder than it has to be.

A dry erase clipboard is affordable to purchase and comes in handy for so many different occasions in life. Use it to relay messages to other members of your family, to create to-do lists and so much more.

Color-Coded Baskets

Laundry can become confusing when there are several people in the home. To make it easier, use color coded baskets for each person in the house. This will save you so much time and make life so much simpler.

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Mark the Medicine

Sometimes it’s hard to remember if and when you gave your child their medicine. To make it easier, use a black permanent marker and create a list for AM/PM right on the bottle of medication. Each time that you give your child their medicine, place an X or write the date on the bottle.

Make your life easier and put these awesome hacks to good use in your life.

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