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How to Choose an Obstetrician?

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Pregnancy is nothing less than a life-transforming experience thanks to the never ending list of decisions that need to be made by the mother and family, starting from choosing the right obstetrician, even as you decide to get pregnant.

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An obstetrician is a medical professional who assists the mother through her pregnancy, the labor process or the child birth process as well as during the post-natal period.

Since the obstetrician needs to be available to the mother during the entire duration, one of the most important criteria in choosing an obstetrician is – the comfort level.

Here are some more criteria that could affect your choice of an obstetrician –

The simplest and most common method too, in choosing is to search through your friend list and family, about their obstetrician and the experiences with them.

Enquire about your friends’ or family’s comfort level with the obstetrician, how available they were to them and how well they supported – emotionally, as well as by clarifying their fears, doubts and queries which were raised over the months.

If such advice from friends and family is not available, make sure to choose a good and standard hospital and schedule an appointment with one.

Check your comfort level with them, how open they were to discussing all your concerns and how they plan to help you along the entire duration of the pregnancy and after that.

A personal meeting is the best way to understand and it is not a good idea to interview your obstetrician only over a phone chat or even with their secretary.

Talk with your spouse about whether you would prefer an obstetrician who works from her home or private clinic or if you would like to opt for someone who works at a center with many other doctors or in a hospital.



Some points worth considering while choosing the former can be, more personalized attention and care however, the availability may be a problem in case they are popular and sought after.

Some points worth considering while choosing an obstetrician associated with a center or a hospital where there are more doctors, can be – round-the-clock availability, greater choice but also a chance that in case of emergency or on the day of delivery, you may get whoever is on duty at the time! In such cases, it may be a good idea to consult your friends or family or the doctor’s client list, in case that is accessible.

In the case of choosing an obstetrician associated with a hospital, run a check on the hospital services, standard practices and popular opinion. The choice may also depend on personal preferences like comfort level with a male or female obstetrician.

Also make sure, they don’t recommend or suggest unnecessary and planned medical intervention like episiotomies or cesareans, without checking the progress over the months.

In the end, make sure you base your final decision on your personal feedback and only after a personal meeting, despite popular opinion!

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