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How to Dress Comfortably Yet Stylishly During Pregnancy?

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The path to motherhood is pretty exciting and filled with new experiences but a wardrobe malfunction can be a serious bump in the road (pun intended). You slowly start to grow out of all your old clothes and feel like you would have to dress in Santa outfits and be on house arrest for the next few months.

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Being pregnant does not necessarily imply that you jump into baggy old clothes and borrow some of your husband’s sweaters. Things have changed and maternity clothes have made a lot of fashionable progress. There are many ways in which you can dress stylishly while being pregnant and truly enjoy your time being the glowing goddess that you are.

The factor of comfort is the one thing that needs to be constant in all of your clothes. Wearing any type of uncomfortable clothing like heels could be very harmful for your feet and back. You need comfy clothes that not only feel good but make you look good as well. Here are some of the ways in which you can re-do your wardrobe and glam up your looks:

Button ups all the way

Button ups can be very stylish yet comfortable at the same time. Don’t hesitate to head over to the men’s section even, to get yourself some nice colored button ups. Roll the sleeves up a little and style them with a nice jacket or a statement necklace, a handbag, sunglasses and you’re perfect for a fashionable day out.

A Hemline Carnival

Your body especially from the hips will change dramatically so you need loose dresses that will accentuate your features and make your bump look good. A zigzag hemline that’s asymmetrical, shorter from the front and longer, more flared from the back would look absolutely perfect. Style it with some gorgeous boots, a bag and you’re done!

Skirts and Flares

Skirts and FlaresTo balance out the proportions of your tummy with the rest of your body during the final trimester when your bump is huge, flared skirts are an excellent option. They give the illusion of the upper body looking longer and your bump being less visible. These skirts aren’t high-waisted so they balance out the overall look.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should be afraid of showing that beautiful skin, in fact you should do it more. The hormones in your body slowly start changing which make your skin softer, plump, naturally tan and get rid of the majority of the hair on your arms and legs. Feel free to invest in a good off-shoulder dress up to a thigh length or knee length. Let your body breathe.

The Color Blocking Technique

This is a very fun and effective tip that most people don’t know about. You take a color chart wheel and pair one color with its opposite color. Now sometimes the combinations look great but most of the times they tend to go horribly wrong. The trick here is to pair a vibrant color with a darker or less saturated color. The vibrant color could cover the upper part of your body till your breasts and the lower part could cover the bump. It’s really effective when you don’t want your bump to be “out there”. The vibrant color takes eyes off of the lower bump, giving you a fresh and trendy look.

Mama Denims

Mama DenimsMaternity jeans with their wide and stretchable waist are an incredible gift from God. Don’t be afraid to have one too many because you can wear these after your pregnancy as well. The over-all material of the jeans is very soft and light weight. Be sure to pick the right size out, you’ll know you’ve got the perfect pair when they start feeling like your favorite PJs. Dress them up with comfortable sneakers, a shirt or a jacket. A denim dungaree could be your perfect two in one.

Curve It Out

Don’t hide your curves and your bump, embrace it. For a formal function or a brunch with the ladies, a long fitted dress paired with a long jacket is the perfect combination. If you can get your hands on comfortable heels, try them on, if not then the dress would also look perfect with some plain white sneakers.


Gown Town

Gown TownYour skinny party dresses might not fit you anymore but that doesn’t mean you give up on the glam look. A long flowing gown is the perfect option for a formal evening. A side cut or a thigh-high slit would just add to your look. A good trick here would be to wear a dark simple color of a light weight material so you can style it up with your statement necklaces, a gorgeous clutch and a bracelet to complete your whole look.

Stripes are your best friends

Shirts with black and white stripes are never a bad choice. When you’re pregnant and looking for a slightly tight shirt, horizontal stripes will accentuate your figure and bump. Style it with your denims, some black boots and you’re good to go. If you want a more stylish look, look for a sleeveless boat neck, thigh-length baggy dress with black and white vertical stripes. The vertical stripes bring the whole look together.

Tip: With a dress like that, a long straightened pony tail looks fantastic.

Re Use

If you don’t feel like buying a new dress every other day for the next 9 months, invest in a good maternity belly band. These bands not only help hold your bump together but also provide a great amount of back support. With this band, you can fit into your previously owned tight dresses and show off that beautiful round bump without having a back ache.

Author Bio:

Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics. Follow @judyrobinson for more updates.

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