How to Help Your Teen Stay Healthy?

Teen Stay Healthy

The teenage years are hard ones. There is so much going on between school, home and friends. Teens are in that in between time, stuck between still being a child and finally becoming an adult. That means that they have a lot going on, not just in their lives but in their minds too.

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You may be shocked to know, or not, that being a teenager is a stressful. While those in their early teens may still be drawn to childhood things, as teens reach the end of their high school education the weight of adulthood begins to get to them.

They need to think about being on their own, paying bills, getting a vehicle and a home, going to college and getting a job. While this is something adults think about every day, going from thinking about toys and having fun to these things can be a bit traumatic.

To help your teen transition, here are some easy things that can help them feel better about themselves.

A Healthy Fitness Plan

Fitness is the best way to enhance mood. Working up a good sweat boosts endorphins, which are feel good hormones in the body. Encourage your teen to join a sport, take walks or go jogging.

Exercise not only boosts mood, but it helps burn fat and build muscle. Fitness can build confidence for a teen who struggles with weight issues. Confidence can make the difference between being depressed and having no friends and being happy and loved by many.

Friends are important to teenagers so it’s good that they do things that can help them not feel so lonely.

A Healthy Diet

Eating right not only helps with mood, but also energy. There are many therapies that boast healthy eating, like Ayurveda.

Some teens are picky about what they eat, but if you work towards helping them try new foods it can expand their palate and they can get more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Teens that eat a diet of only one or two foods types, like those that prefer eat Ramen noodles every day really need to be lead to a path of better eating.

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Explain to them why an array of food types is better and why eating healthier now is important. If they know that eating healthy now can keep them healthier in the future they may be willing to try something new.

The best way to teach a healthier lifestyle to your teen is to live it yourself. When they see what fitness and healthy eating can do for you they may be more apt to try it out themselves. It also helps to explain to them all of the benefits so they know what it can do for them.

They may still be young, but they know what it means to want to grow up healthy and be able to do all the things they want to do in life. Sickness and illness may stop them from fulfilling their dreams, so a healthy lifestyle is the better choice.

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