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Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Kids With These Helpful Hints

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Although you might be welcoming summer and the warmer weather with open arms, mosquitoes are certainly not a part of your happiness, but a very realistic part of summer for most of us.

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While there are repellents and sprays that can be purchased at almost any retailer, these are often expensive and many do not work as promised.

Rather than see your children with mosquito bites covering their body or taking chances with a product that doesn’t work, take a look at these awesome ‘hacks’ that will keep the mosquitoes away from your children while they are out and about enjoying summer.

1. Dryer Sheets.

They smell great, remove static from clothing, freshen rooms and they also keep mosquitos at bay! Yes, you read this right: dryer sheets can keep mosquitoes out of your hair.

How does this work?  Simply dampen a dryer sheet of your choice and rub it on your child’s skin. Mosquitoes do not like the smell and will choose elsewhere to feast upon their meal.

2. Lemongrass.

Lemongrass is an awesome plant that has a wonderful citrus smell. You can purchase a variety of lemongrass products, such as candles, lotions, sprays and essential oils.

Using lemongrass can ensure that mosquitos aren’t attacking your kids, so have some on hand at all times during the summer.

3. Citronella.

You can find a ton of citronella products sold at stores. Candles, burning wax and many other products are available.

Citronella is one of the best insect repellents, but if you wish not to purchase one of these items you can make your own and gain the same result and superior mosquito protection.

4. Soapy Water.

Place a dish of water with dish liquid inside. Make sure that it has bubbled and has lots of soap! Mosquitoes are attracted to water and the dish liquid will keep them trapped inside.


5. Catnip.

Yes, the stuff that makes kitty go crazy can also help repel mosquitos and keep you and your children bite-free this summer.

Plenty of research has been conducted concerning the effectiveness of catnip against mosquitos and those studies reveal that catnip is as much as ten times stronger that DEET. Plus, it is all natural, made of mint, so it is 100% safe for your little ones!

6. Loose and Dark Clothing.

Make sure you dress your child in lose clothing that is also dark in color while they are outside playing and enjoying activities. Mosquitoes aren’t as attracted to dark colors as they are brighter ones.

Use these tips to ensure that your child’s summer doesn’t include mosquito bites!

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