Most Valuable Resource: Grandparents

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When adding up your resources, do you count the people in your life? If so, are you including grandparents? If you are not, you are depriving yourself and your children of benefits that far surpass the availability of a free babysitter.

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Grandparents are worth far more than the few dollars of savings in babysitting fees. Psychologists explain that having adult family members interacting with children in addition to their parents are the best way to ensure happy, well-adjusted children.

Family therapist Rod Kochtitzky explains that the “image of love that children carry inside themselves” comes from the experiences of their childhood, both positive and negative. So being with people who love them unconditionally is significant to the child forever!

Do not make the mistake of keeping your children from their grandparents because you do not particularly “like” them.

Your issues from childhood or your bad wedding planning experience with you in laws should have NOTHING to do with the children.

If the grandparents want to spend time with your children,  let them!!! Your children will get nothing but good things from being with grandparents who dote on them.

  • A Grandpa will listen to your 8 year old son’s endless Knock Knock jokes over and over and always laugh.
  • A Grandpa will make a little guy giggle by peeking in his ears to see if he has eaten too many donuts!
  • A Grandpa will let a 4 year old sit on his lap and watch Mickey Mouse Club house 15 times.
  • A Grandma will teach your little girl to knit and crochet.
  • Grandma and Grandpa will take your children to the beach and come home with a bucket full of stones to paint for paper weights, and then proudly display those paper weights on their coffee table.
  • A Grandma will let the little ones help bake and cook and even crack an egg for the first time.
  • A Grandma and Grandpa will pack a picnic lunch and take the children fishing, and help them catch their first fish.

Maybe your in-laws or parents do not do any of these things, but they have their own gifts and talents to share with your children.

The most important thing they will give them is their time and love. They will tell your children stories about you when you were a child, and their own childhood, bridging the generations, giving children a connection to their past.

By allowing children and grandparents to be alone with each other, both sides will lose shyness and grow close, sealing bonds of love that can never be broken.

If your parents are available to your children, and you encourage them to spend time together, you all will be blessed.

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