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What Is Natural Childbirth?

Natural Childbirth

New mothers prefer surgical childbirth in a hospital. It gives them benefits like medical assistance and drug injections. There is a growing trend of natural, non-surgical childbirth at home because there are many benefits of this type of delivery, too.

However, it comes with some drawbacks and health risks. This topic is often debated, with experts having their own opinions about each method. In this article will go through the major Pros and Cons of natural childbirth.

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Pros of Natural Childbirth

Overcome distress

In natural childbirth, distress and screaming is controlled using endorphins and adrenaline.

Non-intrusive procedure

It gives a comfortable and non-intrusive option of pushing a child out of the uterus.

Options of birthing positions

You can choose from different positions, like the Roman Candle, the Cannon, and the Hang Glider. These are impossible after an epidural. Moreover, there is no medical staff to create a hassle.

Reduced blood loss

Natural childbirth causes relatively less blood loss.

Faster recovery

It is easier to recover in the post-partum phase. There are no restrictions on moving or not lifting heavy things that are recommended after surgery. The mother is free to move around and do her chores as she likes. In surgery, stitches take at least a week to heal.

Till then, the mother cannot sit because it can cause pain. There is no anesthesia given for numbing, and there are no needles or tubes stuck into the body. Therefore, it’s easier to heal.

Endorphins are released to calm and relieve pain. These hormones are produced naturally in the body when experiencing pain. If pain killers are used, as in surgical childbirth, the human body does not produce enough endorphins.

Breast feeding

Another great benefit of natural childbirth is that it facilitates breast feeding. It is proven that a mother’s milk is the best food for the newborn, as it boosts immunity. It also improves the general health of the baby.

Psychological implications

Natural childbirth boosts confidence in mothers. It is emotionally more empowering. She feels good as she successfully makes it through strong labor demands. It also makes her less fearful to manage challenging situations in life. Natural labor makes them powerful and mentally stronger.


Natural labor cost is not as high as surgical childbirth. When delivery is carried out at home, a lot of money is saved. There are no surgery fees, hospital charges, medical staff expenses or drug expenditures. Another advantage is that the mother does not have to travel to the hospital, which saves on transportation fare or fuel charges.

Feasible in the countryside

Natural childbirth a highly feasible option when there are no doctors, surgeons or medical facilities available. In rural areas, women are often deprived of hospitals and health centers. It’s not possible to move to a far off city to get to the hospital. Sometimes, emergencies occur. Natural childbirth is the best solution to these issues.

Healthy lungs

During vaginal birth, a contraction occurs that squeezes out fluids from the lungs of the baby. This will prevent breathing issues at birth.

Strong immunity

When a baby passes through the mother’s canal during delivery, it develops friendly bacteria in its body. These make immune systems stronger. It also protects the intestinal tract.

Cons of Natural Childbirth

Of course, there are serious risks involved in a natural delivery process. It can pose a serious threat to the mother and baby, especially if complications become severe. Lack of expertise can be a great disadvantage.

Severe pain

The mother may experience prolonged pain. It has a higher risk of mishandling because of lack of expertise or tools. It increases the chances of getting many needles stabbed into cerebrospinal fluid. It can be painful and longer than expected. Sometimes, complications occur, but there is no medical staff available immediately.

Child can be affected

Stillbirth can occur because of poor handling, and a child can be injured, especially if the baby is healthy with a fair amount of weight.

Lack of privacy

There is no privacy for the mother, as anyone can freely enter.

Shoulder pain

Pushing hard during the delivery process can cause strain on the shoulder muscles. It also makes vaginal walls lose in some women.

Lack of facilities for the baby

There are no nursery room facilities for the baby during normal birth at home. When in a hospital, the child is taken to a nursery where he is washed, weighed and given warmth by the nurses.

Medical concerns

Women going through natural childbirth may have urinary incontinence or bowel disorders. They may also face weak vaginal walls.
Sometimes walls of the vagina and the area around it are damaged or torn, which sometimes requires stitches.

Expert advice

For natural childbirth to go smoothly, it’s critically important to hire a professional and experienced person who carries out deliveries. Immediate aftercare for the mother and baby is also essential. Natural childbirth can be done at home, but it can be risky.

A hospital provides normal vaginal delivery services. It’s recommended to consult a reputed gynecologist and get regularly checked out through all trimesters of pregnancy. Medical staff is immediately available in hospitals and other health centers. They can offer services, if any complication occurs.

Premature births are also hard to manage at home. Choosing the most suitable childbirth method can be a tough decision, especially for women becoming mothers for the first time.

Always get help from an experienced friend, relative or a specialized physician to determine what option is the best and safest of all. Unfortunately, no method of childbirth is completely safe and complications are associated with each of them.

Care during pregnancy

It is also important to follow health guidelines during pregnancy. A modified lifestyle and a well-balanced diet provide sufficient nourishment to the fetus and the mother. It will help avoid any unwanted incident during the birth process.

The way a woman handles pregnancy can affect the delivery method. For natural childbirth, it is important to be prepared. Take lots of water to avoid friction. Sometimes, a mother is given certain foods to induce labor. It can be helpful to some extent.

In conclusion, women can always choose a childbirth method comfortable for them and according to their individual situations.

Author Bio:

Ana Jasko is a stay at home mother of two from Slovenia. She occasionally writes about health and pregnancy for BlogHer.com and menstrual-cycle-calculator.com.


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