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Want to be a better parent? Use our parenting tips to teach your children to have better manners, habits, and behaviors. Keep your relationships with your partner and friends strong after having kids.
Parenting Skills

7 Ways to Improve Your Parenting Skills

Parenting isn’t easy :-? . Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, you do the wrong thing. If you don’t discipline your...
Kids Safe

Smart Parenting: 10 Ways to Keep Kids Safe at Home

Do you want to make condo living safe for your kids? While it’s great that you think about the matter, it’s not helpful if...
Children’s Prayer

Good Habits to Instill in Your Child

Parenting your child is the hardest job you will ever have, and it’s also the most important. The things you teach your child will...
Young Teenager

How to Be a Good Parent to Your Young Teenager

There is one singular and universal truth, a truth that parents job is never done. It is a job that takes 24/7 of your...
Tandem Breastfeeding

8 Tips Tandem Breastfeeding

I think there are only few mothers known about tandem breastfeeding now days. Right now, my wife is doing tandem breastfeeding with our newly born baby...

Welcoming a Baby and Discarding the Dog?

As much as we love our furry little friends, the health of our kids does come first. This is why many families give their...
Giving Birth

6 Disgusting Things About Giving Birth That You Need to Know

Becoming a parent and, more so, a mother is an experience like no other. The joy of motherhood is incomparable to anything else, but...
rich kid

How to Prepare Your Child to Be a Millionaire

This is the 21st century and in this is the era of knowledge and ideas. This is not the era where you send post...

4 Tips for Overcoming New Mom Challenges

The moment you realize you’re pregnant, something shifts in your mind. Your priorities change instantly and your baby becomes the most important person in...
Busy Parent

Are You a Busy Parent? Take Advantage of These 7 Time Management Apps

If you have two or more kids, it often feels extremely overwhelming to manage time. The pile of laundry keeps rising, the work deadlines...