Prenatal Yoga: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga for Expectant Mothers

prenatal yoga
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Motherhood may be one of the most satisfying experiences that a woman can ask for, but it can also be exceedingly difficult to cope with pregnancy and childbirth.

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Expectant mothers have to deal with a variety of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, from nausea and vomiting, to stomach cramps and backaches. Nevertheless, you do not have to endure it all silently.

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of yoga and these also extend to pregnant women.

Expectant mothers have to deal with a variety of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, from nausea and vomiting, to stomach cramps and backaches

Prenatal Yoga: 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnant Women

Prenatal yoga is a wonderful solution for expecting women as it helps prepare your body and mind for childbirth, while also helping you cope with some of those annoying symptoms.

It follows a multifaceted approach to exercise, and if practiced appropriately is completely safe. Sign up for a prenatal yoga class with a reputed instructor and you will be surprised at how much easier pregnancy can be.

1. Helps To Relieve Stress

Breathing is an important feature of any yoga practice, but it is especially beneficial during a prenatal class. Deep, steady breathing calms the mind.

As you move through the poses, you’ll learn how to tune into your body and tune out the outside world. This type of conscious breathing helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate, which also harmonizes the environment for your child.

study that was recently conducted in Japan revealed that the practice of yoga during pregnancy has an immediate effect on stress reduction. The practice will therefore also help to counter those mood swings.

2. Helps You Sleep Better

It’s hard to sleep when your hormones are going crazy and your little one is kicking your ribs. Disturbed sleep further aggravates pregnancy symptoms and will leave you feeling drained. Yoga can once again come to your rescue in such a scenario.

A study published in Biological Research for Nursing found that mothers in their second trimester who participated in a mindfulness-based yoga program experienced a decrease in sleep disturbance and were able to spend more time sleeping.

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Good quality sleep also boosts your overall health and will thereby improve the health of your baby.

3. Alleviates Common Pregnancy Woes

The bodily movements and poses that are part of prenatal yoga offer tremendous benefits for both your body and that of your child.

The stretching poses in yoga help to improve circulation. This can reduce swelling and it eases pregnancy-related aches and pains. In fact, prenatal yoga can decrease lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and headaches.

It also reduces symptoms associated with morning sickness.

4. Reduces Your Risk of Complications

Prenatal yoga can also help with more serious pregnancy-related conditions. Regular yoga practice can lower the risk of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and intrauterine growth restriction, which is a condition in which fetal growth is slowed down.

A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine suggests that birth weight is improved when mothers practice prenatal yoga, while the risk of preterm labor is also reduced.

5. Mentally Prepares You for Motherhood

Taking time to focus on your pregnant body will help prepare you for the major life changes that are underway.

Prenatal yoga gives you an opportunity to get in tune with your baby and come to grips with the idea of motherhood, which can certainly feel overwhelming at times!

If you are experiencing prenatal depression, prenatal yoga can also help reduce the severity of your symptoms, according to a study published in the journal Women’s Health Issues.

The study involved 34 pregnant women, suffering from depression, and spanned 10 weeks. Researchers found that prenatal yoga brought about a significant reduction in depression and recommend it as a viable treatment for antenatal depression.

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6. Prepares You for Labor

Prenatal yoga prepares you mentally and physically for labor. If you plan to run a marathon, you would need to prepare well in advance.

Well, childbirth is a lot more demanding and painful than any marathon you could run, putting you under immense pressure, both mentally and physically. Prenatal yoga helps you prepare for childbirth by strengthening your body and boosting your confidence.

During labor, you’ll be able to use yoga breathing techniques to manage any pain and discomfort. Certain poses also target the pelvic muscles, making childbirth easier.

7. Meet other Expecting Moms

In your prenatal yoga class, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other expectant moms.

This gives you the chance to share your experiences, while also helping others and learning from those who have experienced childbirth before.

So, the next time you head to a prenatal yoga class, don’t just unroll your mat and close your eyes — greet the woman beside you and discover new friends.

prenatal yoga
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