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Recycling Crafts to Do With Your Kids

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Crafting can have many benefits. It can help you spend quality time with your children, it can teach them the value of creating something yourself and it can also teach them handy skills that can come in useful.

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Recycling crafts are also great because you do not need to spend money on supplies when you already have them in the house. This will also have the added benefit of teaching your children the importance of recycling.

For younger children, you will need to start with some basic crafts that are not too complicated; something like a toilet paper roll desk tidy is great for smaller kids. There is no cutting involved and it also teaches them to tidy their things away.

Simply have them paint some toilet paper tubes in bright colors and glue them to a study piece of cardboard, they will feel proud that they made this.

For slightly older children, you could make something a little more complicated. Kids love making jewelry and cardboard earrings are not only easy to make but they can look cute too! All you will need is cardboard, nail polish, scissors and ear wires.

Have the kids draw a shape onto the cardboard and carefully cut it out, then make a small hole at the top where the ear wire will go.

They should then paint the shape whatever color they think will look nicest. Wait for it to dry, you can speed up the process by putting the shapes into the fridge or freezer and then simply attach the ear wire. And there you have some cute earrings your kids made as a present.

If you are not afraid of getting messy then paper mache can be great fun to do with older kids. It is a wonderful way of turning all that junk mail into something beautiful or useful.  You will need uncoated paper, a large pot, a blender, PVA (Elmer’s) glue, paint or nail polish and a small screwdriver.

Have the kids tear the paper into small pieces and soak it in boiling water. Squeeze as much excess water from the paper as possible and put it into the blender on high for about three minutes, add the glue to the mixture and stir thoroughly.

Pull pieces of the mixture off and shape them, place them onto a microwave safe plate and put them on high for about three to four minutes checking them occasionally.


You will need to drill a hole into the paper for hanging and then the kids can paint them in their colors of choice.

Crafts made with recycled materials can be a fun and cost effective way of keeping the kids entertained.

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