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Infographic: The Role Of The Doll In Children

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The doll in children, essential for their development to play. Through the NESTING DOLLS, the child transmits his emotions (he cuddles if he needs comfort, scolds him if he is not happy …). He develops his vocabulary and especially improves his motor skills. For them, the doll plays the role of “double”: it is alive and well in their eyes.

Thus, the doll occupies a large place in the emotional life of the child. She receives all the tenderness of the child. In addition, it allows children to discover the world differently, by following the actions of their parents. In the end, the doll is a real educational support.

Little boys also have the right to their doll

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Despite the image it reflects, the doll is not only for little girls. Boys can also have fun feeding, cuddling or even washing a doll. This is because girls and boys need to express their emotions and acquire new vocabulary. This is why professionals Early Childhood stress the importance of the doll, both in girls than boys, because all children should be able to put in the place of parents.


Dolls always make something sacred in you. Sometimes you know it, other times it’s unconscious. And here too: it does not matter! You do not have one or more dolls to do your psychoanalysis, you have it to decorate, to dress it, to make it live adventures, or just to have a presence. Whatever, the bottom line is that you feel good.

There are these dolls that look like little children, like porcelain dolls, that we take pleasure in dressing, styling, staging.

You can also appreciate being able to confide to your dolls. They, at least, will not turn your confidences into gossip. And, the ultimate, they are able to listen to you for hours without interrupting you or getting impatient.

What doll for what age?

The doll must evolve over time. The child must not have the same doll throughout his growth:


At 18 months , it takes a doll at once simple, light and strong, because the child will tend to manipulate it in every way. The safe bet? A baby with a smiling face without elements that can be easily detached (such as buttons for example).

From 2 to 3 years , the doll must be light and strong. She does not need to laugh, cry or drink, but she should preferably have flexible joints. This will allow the child to assimilate certain everyday gestures: to sit, to dress, to sleep …

From 3 to 6 years old , the classic doll is ideal. With his long hair, the child can style it. He can also dress or wash it. At that age, the boys start to turn away from the dolls, while the girls take their role of mom very much at heart. But beware, it is not necessary that the doll is too complex: mechanisms or electrical components are to be avoided. The child must learn by himself.


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