Should You Spank Your Child!

Spank Your Child
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The debate over spanking has long been fueled by those who say no way! You should never punish your child for their wrong-doing with a swat or a hand to the backside.

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The debates are often heated, and there seems to always be a long list of research that proves just how horrible it is to spank your child.

A select few, including myself, feel the exact opposite, even with those Harvard grads and AAP pros sounding off with their scientific evidence that tells me why I shouldn’t. I say why not?

You’re probably thinking that ‘she was spanked as a child and doesn’t know any better.’ It is quite the opposite.

I wish that my dad had taken a belt to my backside, but he didn’t. I remember one time, at the age of 14, my mouth inherited from a sailor and my know-it-all attitude decided that I was big and bad enough to tell my dad what to kiss and where to go afterwards.

No sooner than it comes out of my mouth he knocked me from one side of the room to the other. Keep in mind that this was a mouth that he heard daily, an attitude that he dealt with constantly; though not quite so bad until this day.

I was mad. No, I was infuriated. He was the worst dad in the world for doing that. I cried my eyes out. I called Cristal, my BFF, to scream and cry into the phone about how I’d just been beaten to a pulp. But a few hours later I was over it.

Never again did I think about saying anything out of line to my dad. He didn’t beat me to a pulp and I was okay. In fact, I wish that I hadn’t said it at all and I wasn’t mad at him anymore. I loved Daddy dearly and I was very disrespectful and inconsiderate.

Now that I am an adult with my own kids I wish that I would have gotten more spankings. Maybe I would have learned more respect, more trust and not have done some of those rebellious things that teens do oh, so well.

I see so many kids today who do not even begin to fathom the definition of the word respect. They have no respect for themselves, much less anyone around them. Whoop these kids!

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Spanking is referenced many times in the Bible (most popular in Psalms 13) and despite what many people think it is not illegal to spank your child.

What is illegal is to beat or physically harm your child. A spanking is much different. I don’t condone beating your child nor do I recommend it to be done out of anger.

Discipline is a tool that directs the child’s behavior in an alternate manner so that the child may learn from that. When it is properly used spanking is not repetitive; it is brief and simple swat that gets the attention of your child.

Used appropriately, in my opinion, spanking is an effective form of discipline that can significantly change your younger child’s behavior. We need more moms and dads to realize that discipline isn’t harmful or being mean to your child. It is teaching them the right way to become an adult.

Spank Your Child
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