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Signs of a Bad Babysitter

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You have not been out yet since you have had your latest baby and you are getting a little crazy. You have searched for what you think is a well-qualified babysitter.

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You have finally gotten enough courage to leave your child with the babysitter and the two of you go out. You enjoyed this so much that you and your spouse decide to do this every Friday. But how do you know that your babysitter is really as good as you thought?

One of the most important things to look at is your child. Is your child fearful of the babysitter?  Are they withdrawn and acting differently? Just this sign alone may not mean much but in combination with other signs it is worth looking into.

Most kids will take time to adjust to a new babysitter, so don’t worry unless the signs don’t go away. Give your child enough time to get used to you going out and leaving them with someone else.

Other signs to look for are if it seems like your child is having too many accidents.  It could be that you babysitter is doing other things besides watching your kids. This is why your kids may be getting hurt.

In addition you need to pay attention to whether she is following you requests when she babysits.  Is she leaving the kids up past the time you asked her to put them to bed? Is she not feeding them what you ask?

Does your babysitter constantly show up late? This is not a good habit to have. You need a babysitter you can count on; one that will be there when you ask.

If the sitter is unreliable with getting there, what else is she unreliable with? Is she critical of your parenting? Does she tell you how it could be done better? These are all signs that she is not the best choice as a babysitter.

Other signs to look for are whether you children are dirty and disheveled when you get home. If this is the case she is not paying attention to their need to be washed up and bathed. You don’t want a babysitter that is too lazy to do these things.

You should also look at how your children appear as far as being hungry and tired. Is she feeding them and putting then down for naps or to bed? If you get home and they beg for a snack and then eat like they haven’t eaten all day, or they can’t keep their head up because they are so tired, this is a red flag.


Finally, if your gut tells you that something is not right, then listen to it. Your gut is usually your own best guide.

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