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Read Together
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Technology easily brings a wealth of knowledge and entertainment directly to us at the press of a button. Books, magazines, newspapers, and eBooks are filled with adventure, advice, and relaxation. This information would be totally useless if we could not read and understand what is being imparted.

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To function as a family and in society it’s important for families to make a habit of reading everyday. To keep our family safe we need to be able to read and understand the instructions on a medicine bottle.

Notes left to tell each other explaining where we are, instructions for preparing dinner, or a heartfelt, “I love you”  would only be scribbles on paper if we couldn’t read. The brain is a muscle that needs exercise to keep it in good shape like any other muscle. That’s the reason it’s important to practice reading every day.

More benefits of reading…

Reading a bedtime story to your child is a wonderful bonding experience. It’s also a very calming ritual that may help them get to sleep. You’ve probably experienced or seen a child fall asleep before the end of the book.

Teaching children to read helps develop language skills. Their vocabulary grows as they sound out letters and words. Critical thinking, logic, and understanding abstract ideas are expanded while reading.

Imagination and creativity blossom as we discover new ideas and places we would never learn of if we didn’t read. You can help enhance your child’s imagination by pausing during a story and asking them what they think will happen next, or when finished if they have a better idea for an ending. They can express their creativity by drawing a picture of their favorite part of the story.

Children learn to focus and pay attention so they can follow what is happening in the story. This may take awhile in younger children, but they will eventually settle down to listen. Speaking of listening, that’s another great skill that is developed through reading.

You must be able to read to get a good job. As a matter of fact you probably can’t get any job if you cannot read and fill out an application. Children who read do better in school. Reading is more of a determining factor of success than social or economic background.

Reading is a great stress reliever. Curling up with a good book allows you to put aside the worries of the day and get lost in another world. You may like to unwind by researching  a better way of doing something or to build on a good idea you already have.

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A weekly or monthly trip to the library gives everyone something to look forward to. Your kids can also practice their manners and the proper way to act in public while obeying the “Please Be Quiet” sign.

The best thing is that you don’t have to spend money to read a good book. The amount of free eBooks available to download on your computer or eBook reader boggles the mind.

We as parents are the most important educators in our children’s lives, so let’s make sure to read to them every day to start them on their way to success.

Read Together
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