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Taking Your Child to the Orthodontist for the First Time

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When it comes to the health of your children you shouldn’t compromise or delay harmless interventions.

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To have a tonsillectomy, suffer from small pox and similar problems should be solved in their early childhood because they may become a bigger and more complicated problem, as the time goes on and your children get older.

Also, you should take your children to their first visit to the dentist and orthodontist very early in their life. This way, you’ll help prevent possible complications and problems that may occur later, during the adolescence.

Well-timed visit to dentist and orthodontist

The best time to take your children to visit to orthodontist is at the age of seven; it is neither too early nor too late for this kind of intervention because children’s face is constantly developing and the jaw’s growing.

Also, if their first visit to the orthodontist is not painful or uncomfortable (you can take them to a check up or teeth cleaning), they will not develop fear as they might do if their first intervention is painful.

The root of problems

Things which indicate the necessity for the intervention are different, from problems with word articulation and biting problems, to early loss of baby teeth.

In addition, there are children who have bad habit to suck their thumbs. This is, of course of the main reason why the problem appears. The sooner you screen and diagnose the possible threats, the easier it will be for your children.

Not only they will have better dental health, but they will be more confident.

Benefits of on-time treatment

Children at this young age can be really rude to each other, especially to those who have problems with teeth.

Bullied children are going through serious distress and this can end with depression or problems with confidence later in life. Spotting problems at an early stage will make it easier to correct them than later on in life.


Orthodontists from Orthoworx point out that if you take your child to see a specialist early, they might not need to wear braces when they reach their teens (and that, you will agree, is more than good).

When you should visit a specialist

We mentioned why it’s good to have a specialist look at your child’s teeth even if they still have their baby teeth.

However, if you notice one of the following things, you should not postpone a visit to the orthodontist, but act quickly. If your child has deep, open or cross bites, if it looks like there is not enough space for all their teeth to come out properly or if you notice that teeth are not emerging in their right place, schedule a visit as soon as possible.

Also, if your child has missing teeth or it happens that a tooth stays in the same place and stops erupting (Ankylosed teeth), do not panic. A good orthodontist will help with all of these.

An early visit to the orthodontist may help spot problems on time, and on the other hand, if you find out your child has good and healthy teeth, both of you will sleep peacefully.

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