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What Role Does Playtime Have in a Toddler’s Development?

If there is one thing that is constant among children across the world, it is playtime. Babies and toddlers have a natural instinct to play and explore, and you should be doing what you can to encourage it.

Toddler development relies heavily on them learning hands-on and as they go. The brain needs experiences to be able to make connections and develop further into adulthood.

It is vital that you help push development in the right direction by allowing enough individual and cooperative playtime. Different types of play are going to help different aspects of development, so it is important to have varying activities to enjoy.

Without enough time to play your child is going to be severely disadvantaged in early development, as this is the main resource for learning just about everything. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why playtime is so important for your child.

Helps Develop Their Imagination

Most children will start off their playing career by going it alone. Even if they have siblings of a similar age, a toddler will start out playing by themselves. Whether it is giggling at nothing or just playing with their toes, it all comes from their imagination and means their brain is working overtime.

Imagination is the key component of creativity, and that is an important attribute to have in life. There is a huge benefit to social play but solo playtime is just as important for overall development.

You want your child to experience a little bit of everything so they can take in as much as possible. Without an imagination all of the world’s greatest achievements never would have taken place.

Develops Social Skills

Unless you are raising your family on a deserted island you will want to teach your child proper social and communication skills. The best way to start this is to have them playing with other children around their own age.

Try to have them do activities that make them work together, or just let them go and see what they can get themselves into. Social playtime is essential to learn about cooperation, teamwork, sharing, and communicating in an effective manner.

There are so many skills your child can learn from this that it cannot be taken lightly. It is a good idea to get them socialising well before they start school, this way they will have learned some essential social skills and built up some confidence.

Keeps Kids Active

There is a second reason you want to have your child playing as much as you can, it keeps them active. Development doesn’t just relate to social and creative skills, it is also about developing good habits and routines.

By getting your young one out and active on a regular basis they will be more likely to carry on with it as they get older and more independent. Keep your child active, social, and curious and they will be set up for developmental success.

Your Child Needs Your Guidance

You want your child to develop properly and have the skills to make a good life for themselves after all that is what every parent wants. Even though a child will learn a great deal from figuring things out on their own, but they will still need your guidance and your help to get through it all.

By giving your child ample opportunities to play alone, and with others, you are setting them up for success. Make sure to schedule enough activities every week to keep your little one active and engaged, this is going to affect how they develop the rest of their young lives.


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