What to Eat After Pregnancy: Superfoods for Keeping Your Energy Up

Eat After Pregnancy
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Now that your newborn is a full-time bundle of joy and responsibilities, you need to have a balanced diet to keep your energy levels up. Most new mothers will be so caught up in tending to their baby’s needs 24/7 that they will often neglect their own.

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Avoid this trap. It’s unhealthy both for you and for your newborn. Postpartum, your energy levels need all the help to keep up to decent levels. 3 a.m. feeding calls are exhausting. So are a million of other chores you need to attend to during this exciting new period of your life.

There are ways to ensure that your well-being and health are propped during the demanding few weeks of motherhood. Nutrition is one of them.

Let’s take a look at some of the essentials superfoods that will keep you up and running after pregnancy.

1. Salmon, Tuna, Beef

tuna cooked
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What these three superfoods have in common is that they will ensure the necessary intake of lean protein. A healthy protein intake after pregnancy is of utmost importance for the new mother and her newborn.

Nursing mothers should have a higher intake of protein throughout the nursing period. Don’t slash these off the list in hopes of losing the baby pounds. You will only find yourself munching on unhealthy snacks rich in sugary additives and unhealthy fats.

Gorge on salmon or tuna not only to cover your lean proteins daily dose, but also to fight off possible symptoms of post-partum depression or the milder ‘baby blues’. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which, according to a number of studies, fends off depression symptoms in early stages.

Keep your spirits up and your necessary protein intake covered with these superfoods. The necessary protein intake for nursing mothers is calculated at approximately 3 ounces per day. Mothers who aren’t nursing should have approximately 2 ounces of protein per day.

2. Fruits and Berries

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Berries. Any type of berries. If you love dry berries, stash them where the nuts are stashed too. That way you’ll have super healthy snacks that will keep your energy levels up at any time of day. Berries are also rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants and prop your immune system.

As for fruits, they help you keep your sugar cravings under control if you’re also planning to lose some weight. Have a few apple slices with some high-quality natural peanut butter, banana, and yogurt smoothies. Oranges are recommended for the high vitamin C content.

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While there are many different ways to include fruits in your diet, it is always better to eat them fresh, as this will allow you to benefit from all of their nutrients, and you should ideally consume them either in the morning or at least half an hour before your main meal.

3. Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens
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Leafy greens are a great way to get the necessary vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and iron intake. After pregnancy, having the right daily intake of iron is an absolute must. Spinach and most salads have plenty of iron.

In addition, they’re easy to toss in a bowl with other yummy vegetables and make a deliciously nutritious salad packed with essential nutrients. Use olive oil as dressing and your energy pack for a few hours is ready.

4. Whole Grains

Whole Grains
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As mentioned above, losing the ‘baby pounds’ shouldn’t be your primary concern after pregnancy. Being healthy and able to cope with the energy-draining bundle of joy who just entered your life should be a top priority.

As such, don’t start cutting back on carbs quite yet. Whole grains such as brown rice, oats, bread and others are essential superfoods for fighting off the sluggish feeling over the day. Your body requires added high-quality calories if it is to produce quality milk for your newborn baby.

5. Almonds, Caju Nuts, Walnuts

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These superfoods are hailed for a wide range of health benefits, including heart and brain health, healthy fats intake and others. Essential to super diets as the coveted Mediterranean diet, nuts make perfect snacks that will keep a new mother happy and energized all day long.

Nuts boost the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known for the calming effect it has on the brain. Hide these delicious superfoods around the house. Stash them within reach of your favorite nursing spots. Thus, snacking when the baby snacks will become a healthy habit.

6. Water

drinking water
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Believe it or not, water is an essential superfood following pregnancy. Nursing new mothers often run the risk of dehydration. As such, water is as necessary as any other superfood to keep you up and running and keep the milk production going.

When considering superfoods to include in your daily diet, don’t overlook the local supermarket’s frozen veggies, leafy greens, and fruits considerable stash. Plan ahead while keeping in mind that you probably don’t have long hours to indulge in cooking complicated meals.

Author Bio:Amanda Wilks is a freelance writer and a contributing editor at Home Remedy Shop. She is passionate about natural treatments and general well-being and loves helping people lead healthy, balanced lifestyles.

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Eat After Pregnancy
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