Your Kids Will Love These Summer Birthday Parties

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Summer birthday parties are the best, at least in the opinion of someone who was born in a blizzard! I always wished I had been born in the summer since it’s my favorite season, and I am lucky enough to have had a child in August.

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There are so many more options for birthday party themes in the summer months, and I thought I would share these ideas with you.

Squirt guns and water balloons

One year we equipped every party guest with water guns and balloons, items we found cheap at the local dollar store.

Parents were given the heads up to bring an extra change of clothes or a towel, and everyone there got super soaked and had a blast, even grandma! As far as budgets, I think we spent more on the ice cream cake than we did on water toys that year.

Drive-in yard theater

This one I haven’t tried as a birthday theme, but we did movie nights outdoors quite a few times with a screen and projector. If you have both, you can make cardboard box “cars” for each of the kiddos to sit in while they watch their drive-in movie in the back yard.

I have seen pictures of the box cars all over the internet to give ideas on creating the atmosphere. Pop lots of popcorn and have kid friendly drinks on hand!

Tea party

I only have boys, who are completely uninterested in having a tea party, but I have a niece who had the good fortune to be born in the summer.

I can’t wait to do this party theme with her! A garden party style tea party can include not only your little girl’s friends and cousins, but also stuffed animals. The addition of the stuffed toys adds to the playful atmosphere.

If you are the “trunk of costumes” type of mom, frilly hats or dresses can be added to the mix. We love feather boas too, and fancy gloves. Heck, I may throw a garden party style tea party for my own friends, now that I’m thinking about it!

Beach party

If you live near the beach, an all day beach party can really be a blast. Pack the coolers full of cold drinks and sandwiches, and bring the volleyball net and Frisbees.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen and life vests, depending on the type of water that your beach surrounds. We live near Lake Michigan, so if we are at one of the big lake beaches we have life vests due to currents and undertows. Bring an umbrella or beach tent to provide shade when the sun gets to be too much.

Wherever your location and whatever your budget, there are plenty of ways to have fun summer birthday parties for the kids. All it takes is a little imagination, a splash of ingenuity, and a ton of childlike wonder to make the event spectacular!

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